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The death of the iTunes store and paying for music is rapidly approaching. The overall number of songs and albums being purchased has been on a downward climb for the past couple of years. With the growth of online streaming, people are purchasing less and less music. The idea of buying music has become dated, why would an individual purchase one song when they could have a membership and stream all the songs they want. The music streaming industry has beaten the iTunes store. Apple has seen an increasing drop in iTunes gift card sales and music sales in general. iTunes desperate attempt to gain back some revenue from these streaming services could be seen with the release of their Apple Music subscription.

Why Is the iTunes Store Dying?

There are several reasons why the Apple iTunes Store is dying. The major reason as stated previously was the immense growth of streaming services and the ease of having all the music you want at your fingertips. The second reason iTunes is dying is due to the fact that when a service is dying, people begin to figure out ways to get the service or item for free. Since the beginning of time, people have illegally downloaded music. Unfortunately for artists, this is just something they have come to accept. Something that Apple didn’t expect with their iTunes gift cards is that there are websites like this one that give out free iTunes gift cards. How is that possible? You have to pay for the iTunes cards in order for them to be activated. Companies who receive these iTunes cards at wholesale prices are beginning to sponsor websites with iTunes gift cards for free. These companies in return receive potential leads which help them generate more sales.

Why You Should Stop Paying

In todays society people are trying to cut back and save money where they can. Why would you pay for something if you no longer had to? There are several websites including this one that give out free iTunes gift card codes in 2017. These websites provide iTunes gift cards without you having to win anything. There is no such thing as an iTunes gift card generator or any nonsense like that. With so many options out there these days it’s really a waste of money to purchase an iTunes gift card. The codes given out by these websites are unused and have been purchased legitimately by various vendors across the world.

Perfect Gift on a Budget

If you’re tight on money websites providing free iTunes codes are your best friend. What better gift to give someone than an iTunes gift card? You can never go wrong with music and movies. Everyone has experienced a time when they had no clue what to get someone as a gift. How about something that is free and they would never know? By giving out one of these codes as a gift you don’t have to struggle with finding the perfect gift. You allow them to choose what they would like to buy with the gift card.

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Here at you have the chance to receive an iTunes Gift card code absolutely free. The iTunes codes that you are provided from this service are all purchased legally from authorized retailers around the globe. They pose no threat to the security of your iTunes account and can be used exactly like a normal iTunes gift card. There is no need to download anything or give any personal information so this service is safe to use!

Web Based System

We understand that everyone isn’t behind a computer at all hours of the day. That’s why we designed our service to be 100% web based. This means that you can use our services while you’re on the go via your smartphone. The whole process of getting an iTunes code from our website can be completed on your smartphone. The only thing that is required is internet connection and access to your email address.

How Long Does It Take?

Currently on average our visitors take approximately 5 minutes to receive a iTunes code for free using our services. However, this number is not universal for all visitors. There are many things that can attribute to how long the process takes. This includes your internet speed, the device your using, what country you’re in, and many others. We understand that the process isn’t necessarily fast or easy, but our service is intended to save you money. We continuously aim to improve our service and chop down on the time it takes to get a gift card.

All of the offers displayed on our website have been hand selected and tested for ease of use in order to increase the overall satisfaction of our visitors. Unfortunately, we are unable to completely remove the surveys that are currently protecting our iTunes gift cards. If you are looking for a service that provides real iTunes codes with no survey, the odds are that you might as well buy a gift card yourself. We’re now in 2017 and these websites have been around for a couple years and know exactly how to protect their iTunes codes from people trying to abuse services like these. That doesn’t mean that alternatives aren’t being looked into. As soon as services similar to ours find a viable replacement to surveys they will swiftly be removed.

How Do We Get These iTunes Codes?

After you have completed the entire process of getting a iTunes code from our service you will receive your gift card code in your email that you provided us. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to provide us with a valid email address. If you enter the wrong email, you’ll be required to complete the process all over again. Delivery of your iTunes code can potentially take up to an hour. For most mainstream email provider’s delivery should take no longer than 10 minutes.